Old School Pastry | Original 1922 Girl Scout Cookie Recipe
The Girl Scouts didn’t always have boxes or bags of cookies to sell to people – they mixed up the cookies themselves. Before 1936 when commercial bakeries got involved baking and packaging, Girl Scouts baked their own cookies. The recipe below is for sugar cookies, which probably equates to the ‘Shortbreads’ or ‘Trefoils’ that are …
Old School Pastry: Peanut Recipes
This classic recipe comes from my 1927 copy of The Rumford Complete Cook Book by Lily Haxworth Wallace who was a “Lecturer, Teacher, and Writer on Domestic Science.” It calls for mixing the dough, rolling out thinly, and then cutting with a round cutter.  
Old School Pastry | Chocolate Caramels
From 1908, here is a recipe for Chocolate Caramels.  
From Any One Can Bake, a 1927 instructional book produced by the Educational Department of the Royal Baking Powder Company, here is a picture of making tart molds using an upside down muffin mold. Want an old fashioned pie crust? Try Perfect Pie Crust or “The New Crisco Pastry.”  
cutting a cake by francis galton
Purely for fun, Sir Francis Galton, (FRS, knighted in 1909), described in the publication Nature in 1906 how to cut a cake in a way “so as to leave a minimum of exposed surface to become dry”. Essentially, you cut out the middle, push the remaining cake halves together. Then, you keep cutting the center parts and pushing …
My girls are going away to camp this summer, which typically inspires s’mores at home before and after the trip. There is something about the crisp graham cracker, caramelized marshmallow, and softly melted chocolate that makes you want more than one. The original recipe for S’mores can be traced back to the Girl Scout handbook, …
Kitchen thermometers are about as common as skewers and are now in just about any supermarket’s kitchen supplies aisle. But what if you were making candy say 80 years ago and they weren’t so common, or more expensive than your budget allowed? Well, you’d still make candy; you’d just use the The Cold Water Test. …